NWCG Response to June 2014 Safety Forum Briefing

Please click on the link below to view NWCG’s response to our Safety Forum Briefing of June 2014:

L-14-29 Re_Safety Matters Briefing Documents

The Safety Matters group views this as a very disappointing reply from the National Wildfire Coordinating Group with the same old tired words about safety. Yet despite these words there have been no significant changes implemented to further protect firefighters. One year ago 19 firefighters tragically died at the Yarnell Hill Fire in AZ and twenty years ago 14 firefighters died at the South Canyon Fire in CO.  Despite exhaustive  reviews, reports and recommendations from Safety Matters and many others, firefighters continue to die.

Safety Matters will continue to advocate for the improvements and action steps we presented to the NWCG in our  June report.

Welcome to Safety Matters

Safety Matters: A Wildland Firefighter Forum for Change

We are a diverse group of individuals who are passionate advocates for wildland firefighter safety. We seek and encourage participation in this dialog with relevant comments and suggestions from a wide audience including but not limited to:

  • wildland firefighters
  • families and friends of wildland firefighters
  • fire managers and policy makers
  • homeowners in the wildland urban interface

The purpose of this forum is to call attention to deficiencies in wildand firefighter safety presented by current wildland fire management systems.  We encourage firefighters, the public, and their representatives to support anddemand changes in policy and practices so that wildland firefighter and public safety is truly the first priority in all fire management actions.

We will be posting specific safety topics for review and discussion, via this website, Facebook and Twitter. We encourage your participation and feedback


Safety Matters: A Wildland Firefighter Forum for Change


Dan O’Brien: Career Wildland Firefighter: National Park Service: Retired

Elizabeth Anderson: Fire Ecologist:National Park Service & U.S. Forest Service: Retired

Barry Hicks: U.S. Forest Service: Retired

Holly Neill: Wildland Firefighter: National Park Service & U.S. Forest Service: Retired


EMAIL:  Safety.Matters@aol.com

Facebook: Safety Matters: A Wildland Firefighter Forum for Change