2 thoughts on “Forest Service Response to June Safety Forum Briefing

  1. Standard and predictable response.
    All of you like me are outsiders since retirement. It will take a move as in the past from a Fire staff and Regional forester on a region like R3, R4, or R5.
    That is how things have changed in the past. Fined those people that will start the movement from inside the organization. You have some good recommendations But you will need to foster support from inside. It is what it is and I am sure many of you already know what the political game is. Work from the ground up and fined the support and internal higher staff that will start the push.

    • Bob,

      You make some good points, but who on the inside is willing to take the chance of being forced into retirement? Remember South Canyon when Dr. Ted Putnam refused to sign the SAI? He was forced out in a couple of years later by Jerry Williams and other at the top. It is a political game and I for one opt for a Congressional investigation into why over the last seven decades the USFS keeps saying they are changing or have changed; yet they have done little to really prove it. I write about wildland firefighter safety on my blog (fsomle.blogspot.com) and have written the NWCG and others about their non-action in my opinion. I have gotten the time of day from them since I never worked for them and a true outsider. I believe in the “squeaky wheel gets the grease” saying. I am a very squeaky wheel.

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